2009-06-03 15:41:21 by kjhf

I've moved/betrayed/left/gone to Kongregate. Feel free to follow me. Go Here and sign up for me :)


2008-07-22 09:21:47 by kjhf

Well, I'll be participating in the MAC and my submissions:

Calling out
Losing the Battle

**I'm on holiday in Denmark from 3rd August for 3 weeks. :D **

I've decided to try out a new genre:
Trouble Remix
Hope you (will) like it!

2 for the price of 1

2008-07-17 09:10:51 by kjhf

First version of Into the Clearing. This was improved by ubertuna.
Second version of Into the Clearing. Made by me, except I slowed the tempo - ubertuna's idea.

And some b!87C4 has zero bombed me already. Twice.

Edit: Before you say "How do you know it was a random zerobomb and they actually thought it was worth 1 or something..." It was done seconds after I uploaded both versions. They couldn't have listened to the whole score, and BOTH versions have the same voting score... >:(

I'm not dead :P

2008-07-08 17:09:08 by kjhf

Into the clearing song (Piano only.)
Check it out now. Funk soul brotha.

Dance of the Snake

2008-06-07 06:57:01 by kjhf

Is here
It's a collaboration between me and ubertuna

Dance of the Snake

The Secret Forest & Arcade Machine & Menu Loops

2008-05-02 14:32:27 by kjhf

Check out my new songs!
Secret Forest 2
Arcade Machine

Edit: Testing a new converter. Finally made some loops without 10secs on at the end!
Spooky Menu Loop
Grand Menu Loop ***UPDATED***


2008-04-06 07:26:54 by kjhf

The Peaceful Garden 2 has been released :D

I made a loop audio thingy!

2008-03-27 17:12:11 by kjhf

My song

Account Made

2008-03-24 17:33:57 by kjhf

Hi all. Kinda new to the site so feel free to be my guide/ give me advice etc.